About Us

Bearn Partners is a financial and human capital sourcing advisory group specializing in strategic workforce fulfillment with a client-centric approach. Our mission is to bridge immediate and long-term strategic staffing gaps across company divisions.

Activities include discovery, advisory and direct sourcing for Corporate Clients.





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Software Engineering

Bearn is head hunting specialized software engineering talent for our clients. We actively interview 10+ candidates a week outside the scope of specific client briefs to help us identify exceptional talent. Candidate Selection Criteria: Individuals that have dedicated themselves to a specific niche of software engineering and have mastered it beyond others. Those who demonstrate advanced skill level and still hungry to keep improving their current skill set. Those who can clearly communicate within a team and fully buy into the mission that the organization is trying to achieve.

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Bearn is conducting executive search for a range of C-level roles including CEO, COO, CTO & CFO both permanent and interim roles. BP will build a client brief based on role requirements: Understanding Organizational Context, Defining Leadership Requirements, Cultural Fit Assessment, Tailoring Search Strategy, Minimizing Misalignment, Managing Client Expectations, Ensuring Confidentiality, Maximizing Long-Term Success.

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Senior Sales in SaaS & IT

Bearn conducts Senior Sales head hunting for Director/Head of Sales, and Senior Business Development professionals for IT and SaaS companies. Every organization is always looking for a particular set of characteristics based on their current circumstances. We run through an informal and formalized process to ascertain a set of profiles that will allow us to search on a “best fit” basis.


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